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Discover the transformative power of LES MILLS BODYBALANCE at Chimpchamp Fitness.

Our BODYBALANCE classes in Singapore combine the best of yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates to create a holistic workout that strengthens your body, improves flexibility, and promotes inner calm.


Perfect for all fitness levels, our experienced instructors guide you through each session with care and expertise.

Developed by world-renowned fitness experts, Bodybalance is a low-impact workout that focuses on improving your flexibility, strength, and overall fitness.

Whether you are looking to reduce stress, increase flexibility or simply get in shape, Les Mills Bodybalance is the perfect fitness program for you. Join us today and start your journey to better health and wellness.



Strengthen your core and full body to alleviate subhealth issues.

bodybalance pose yoga


Stretching enables a better flexibility and allows you to recuperate yourself.

athletes doing bodybalance


Zero intimidation. Enjoy the flow with encouraging coach and awesome music

bodybalance pose
yoga bodybalance pose




Bodybalance is the program to go to for strengthening. People underestimate that the program is just stretch when its more than that. I get a great burn while strengthening my body and building on flexibility.

Chris Leong, Regular Bodybalance Go-er

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"....providing reasonable challenge without the usual extreme type of poses. The music helps alot together with the vinyasa part. If you look into what each track is trying to achieve, you get to do the legs, back, core, full body. Amazing program and recommended!"

Eva Polski,  Regular Champer


Q: Do you need to be familiar with yoga to join BODYBALANCE™ ?

A: BODYBALANCE™ is totally beginner friendly. In your first class, take it easy and just have a great time together. Enjoy the music and follow as best as the coach will demonstrate. You will only get better.

Q: Will it take a long time to get results?

A: It varies but many participants have claim that they feel more relax right from their first class. For those who does regular workout, many have claim that they feel the stretch and helps them reset their athletic physique to continue going stronger.

Q: Is BODYBALANCE™ considered yoga?

A: BODYBALANCE™ is definitely fusion. You will find elements of yoga, taiji and pilates. Best when combined with BODYPUMP™ and BODYCOMBAT classes, its gonna be the go to for you to get fitter. 

Q: So, my first time to BODYBALANCE™ , what should I take note of or bring?

A: You can go barefoot, bring on your "zenness" and also your towel and water bottle.  

In your first class, its useful to also know that BODYBALANCE™ at CHIMPCHAMP FITNESS is divided into 10 tracks with different elements of taiji, yoga and pilates in each track. The moves may not be entirely known to you but no worries, we all start somewhere. And  BODYBALANCE™ at CHIMPCHAMP FITNESS is about the opportunity to connect with your inner peace. This will allow you to slowly progress in a safe and injury free way.

Most importantly, give yourself around 3 classes to feel the power of BODYBALANCE™ at CHIMPCHAMP FITNESS.


A: We pride ourselves as one of the best studios in Singapore to have your BODYBALANCE class. Because the founders ourselves are Les Mills certified and coaching actively, we know what quality means.

When you consider this dedication to quality, plus the friendly awesome vibe and being centrally located, there is every reason to give this awesome program a try!!!!

The Format of Les Mills Bodybalance
Track 1: Warm up
Track 2:  Sun Salutation
Track 3: Standing Strength
Track 4: Balance
Track 5: Hip Opener
Track 6: Core
Track 7: Core
Track 8: Twist
Track 9: Hamstring and Bends
Track 10: Relaxation

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