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The ever popular LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT™ ! 


You are out if you have not tried this martial arts inspired workout that enables 740 calories to be burn while enjoying a great time!


Imagine one hour of Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Capoeira, MMA, Muay Thai combined.The ultimate Martial Arts program!


740 calories

Achieve the burn while you punch and kick in class to great music and lightings in CHIMPCHAMP.

THE studio in Singapore that you want to be in for your bodycombat class!!!

What do they say about starting it right as half the battle won?

1700 crunches

While keeping your core and abs braced, through 10 tracks of differing martial arts inspired moves, you get to activate your core for a fitter and stronger you.

Martial Arts

Imagine the front kicks and jumping knee kicks from Taekwondo, combine with MMA grappling moves and Boxing's Jab Cross combine in 1 hour. 

This is real BODYCOMBAT!!!

Healthier, Fitter you

Nothing beats getting fitter and healthier while you enjoy working out. 

BODYCOMBAT is guarantee to help you achieve a fitter you, both physically and mentally.

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Q: Do you need to be very fit to join BODYCOMBAT™ ?

A: BODYCOMBAT™ is totally beginner friendly. In your first class, take the options that our coaches at CHIMPCHAMP will demonstrate and just have a great time together.

Q: Do you need to be martial arts trained to join BODYCOMBAT™?

A: Anyone can join BODYCOMBAT™ at CHIMPCHAMP with the right attitude. Even though it is martial arts inspired, Les Mills have made sure that the this is not too difficult for everyone especially those without martial arts experience. 

Q: Is BODYCOMBAT™ considered cardio or strength?

A: BODYCOMBAT™ is definitely cardio intensive as it allows you to burn 740 calories based on studies from Les Mills. Even though there are burpees and pushups that you can expect, bodycombat is considered as the go to for your cardio workout.

Q: So, my first time to BODYCOMBAT™ , what should I take note of or bring?

A: Sports shoes is a must, bring on your "rwaah" and also your towel and water bottle.  

In your first class, its useful to also know that BODYCOMBAT™ at CHIMPCHAMP FITNESS is divided into 10 tracks with different martial arts techniques in the track. We start with the warmup track and end with a core track and a cool down track. And the coach will be on stage doing your mirror image, which means his right leg forward with be your left leg forward. 

Most importantly, give yourself around 3 classes to feel the power of Bodycombat™ at CHIMPCHAMP FITNESS.


A: We pride ourselves as one of the best studios in Singapore to have your BODYCOMBAT class. Because the founders ourselves are Les Mills certified, we know what quality means.

When you consider this dedication to quality, plus the friendly awesome vibe and being centrally located, there is every reason to give this awesome program a try!!!!

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