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HIIT designed. 1 hour interval Battle Rope exercise done in group setup. 

You will learn the technique, train up your core stability, endurance and get fitter in this class.

Swing with the music and allow yourself to burn more than 500kcal and enjoy 48 hours of after burn.

Participants will rotate between 2 station of wave and a bar/plates/bodyweight.


HIIT designed

Combining rope and HIIT principle allows you to achieve the burn you want. Guaranteed caloric burn backed by science, you will reach towards a new you in the program.

Stronger posture

To be effective in the class, you will train how to engage your core and get the posture that will benefit your daily activities too.

Lean and Tone

One of the best way to get lean and tone, POWERWAVE allows you to feel the thrill of waving to the music while  getting the body lean and tone. No more bye bye arms.

It's an attitude!

One of the coolest program in CHIMPCHAMP, being a POWERWAVEr is an attitude and a statement that you are strong or in process of getting strong.

Powerwave at chimpchamp 5.jpeg

Q: Do you need to be very fit to join POWERWAVE ?

A: POWERWAVE does require a certain level of fitness to breeze through this class. It is always recommended for you to attend the FULL BODY SHAPER or the BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT class as a starter before you try this out. 

Combining both Strength and Cardio, this is the essence of all the POWER classes.

Q: Will it take a long time to get results of lean and tone?

A: It depends on the effort but POWERWAVE has been proven to be one of the most effective program to get lean and tone fast in CHIMPCHAMP. You get to work out the full body in one hour, so its extremely efficient. Moves are also technically designed and to ensure it covers the realms of Endurance, Explosives and Cardio. Typically it takes 6 weeks to see results if you do a POWERWAVE class once a week combined with the other programs.

Q: Is POWERWAVE considered cardio or strength?

A: POWERWAVE as part of the POWER programs combines both strength and cardio in one.

Q: So, my first time to POWERWAVE , what should I take note of or bring?

A: Sports shoes is a must, bring on your "rwaah" and also your towel and water bottle.  

In your first class, its useful to also know that POWERWAVE at CHIMPCHAMP FITNESS is divided into 3 blocks usually. Don't feel shy of taking the options if needed because it takes time to build the POWER element.

Most importantly, give yourself around 3 classes to feel the POWERWAVE at CHIMPCHAMP FITNESS.

Q: Will I get bulky muscles training with POWER series?

A: Seriously, we wish it was so easy. The POWER series combines strength and cardio and hence does not build bulky muscles in this class. The option of building bulk can of course be achieved via adjustment but it also depends on the release/choreograph on the day itself. But the lean and tone where you look healthier and athletic is definite!


A: We pride ourselves as the studios in Singapore to have some of the best vibe and a focus on real workout, not your discotheque just bounce to the music class. Yet the fitness comes with a bit of naughtiness and fun as you can see in our mascot.

We always pride ourself as the exercise profession with great airflow, amazing sound system and awesome coach! There is zero risk in trying something that so many people has benefitted from.


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