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You heard about us. Feel us Now!
Feel Chimpchamp!!!

"Dots connect.

Give yourself 3 minutes and embrace the opportunity to become healthier and happier. "

CHIMPCHAMP is for you if you:

are awesome and want to be awesome,

slim down the right way

want to start getting fit and healthy,

want to take small steps towards "ME"

prevent against injury

want to experience the fitness endorphin, the feel good hormone after exercise that lifts mood.

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Our philosophy

CHIMPCHAMP is a city fitness display aim to inspire more people to workout. We provide diverse classes at affordable price in convenient locations. We rekindle the passion of healthy lifestyle for city bustler by creating a space for them to breakthrough both physical and mental barrier, ultimately unleashing the CHAMPion in them.

Our Reviews



Best coaches, workout safely

Joined Chimpchamp Fitness 2 years ago... become my regular activity to come and work out... studio is hugh, very well and thoughtful design e.g. airflow setup... best coaches, workout safely... different types of programs

Yuli, Google Review


Friendly vibes and High Quality

" spacious and clean, with mirrors around to allow us to keep our postures in check. More importantly, people are nice to one another, and I really love the friendly vibes from both members and instructors. High quality gym classes with the best instructors."

Sandy Huang, Google Review

CHAMPERs' Results



Ersalina, you can bump into Ersy in her weekly POWERWAVE classes on Wednesday 6.45pm, POWERHOUSE classes on Tuesday 6.40pm, Bodypump classes and Bodystep Classes on Wednesday 7pm.

Q: What made you take the first step? A: I was in poor shape and always felt dull & lethargic. Have tried classes in several other fitness studios but couldn’t stick to a routine. I tried ChimpChamp and found that the people & vibes here just hit different, and decided to really commit to better my fitness & health.

Q: Do you need to be on strict diet to be where you are?  A: Short answer: No. I did reduce unhealthy habits like excessive snacking and ate less fried and oily stuff. Nevertheless, eating sufficiently and healthily 85% of the time still remains the cornerstone in my fitness journey (still got to enjoy the occasional treats! Everything in moderation)

Q: Why should I get fit today? Any benefits you have felt? A: Nothing beats being fit & healthy. It elevates your physical well-being, your mood (literally endorphingenerator!), and helps you become a better version of yourself. Personally, I gained confidence as I got fitter and more toned, and that in turn improved many other aspects of my life such as at work, in social relationships and my outlook towards life in general. My journey also inspired many others to follow, and that is a great takeaway as well.

Q: So why chose CHIMPCHAMP FITNESS? A: So many reasons! But I’ll just say this: Heart. Coaches here truly go out of their way to make class experience great, putting their safety first, and giving encouragement. I’ve seen a coach who stayed back after the last class to guide a newcomer on their posture. Fitness studio owners who make it a point to make sure members have a great workout experience with top-notch sound systems, lighting, ventilation, efficient and clean equipment.. everything in CHIMPCHAMP is done with heart in the best interests of the members, to ensure they have an awfully good time working out safely too.

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