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(Cardio + Strength)

Includes classic stations for many of the programs in CHIMPCHAMP Fitness and allowing you to work out a sweat during the class.

Martial Arts inspired program where you will do Karate, Capoeira, MMA, Boxing  with a main aim of 1700 crunches.

New generation Yoga that enables you to rejuvenate your

athletic self, allowing you to get stronger while stretching and conditioning yourself to great music and moves by this internationally acclaim program. 

Anything goes and everything goes. Perfectly suited for beginners who want to start building their fitness while you get fitter. Non technical dance program which can effectively burn a lot as you become more familiar with the programs.

Original barbell workout where you get to target different parts of your muscle groups from Triceps, Biceps, Squats, Back etc. Very effective and comes with the option of using lightweights for beginners. You can challenge yourself more as you get more veteran.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do you need any fitness background?

A: We have 14 different programs in CHIMPCHAMP. For first timers, feel free to consider the classes mentioned below. You can also swing in to any class that interest you because all the classes will come with options.

Q: What are the programs available in CHIMPCHAMP ?

Q: I am a newbie in fitness. Which class should I attend?

A: In CHIMPCHAMP, we have 14 classes available for your choice. For first timers the following classes are recommended:






Q: I am thinking of slimming down. Which programs should I do?

A: We recommend a holistic way to slim down. Combine a cardio class (BODYCOMBAT, FULL BODY SHAPER, BODYATTACK, SH’BAM, ZUMBA) with a Strength base class (BODYPUMP, CORE SHAPER, BUTT SHAPER).

Alternatively , you can follow our Secret to get fit for a structured way to get fit!

Q: Where is the schedule?

A: Schedule is found in the schedule tab, or if you prefer a more in depth schedule by day, feel free to click the BOOK button found on the page which is our booking site.

Q: How early do you release the booking of class and do I always need to be waitlisted?

A: We release our class exactly 7 days ahead of class start. We are constantly monitoring class capacity and will always add classes if required to handle the capacity requirement. So far, our booking is healthy and you do not need to waitlist for classes except for a few slots.

Q: What packages do you have?

A: For first timer, feel free to book yourself into the Trial class pack at $36 for 2 classes. These pack is valid for 2 weeks and allows you to sign up for 2 different classes. Yes, they must be different classes because we want to encourage you to try out the 14 different programs we have.

Packages start as low as $18.40 for class pack of 40 sharable with one other friend. 

Q: Does the studio provide shower facilities?

A: In order to ensure proper hygiene and ensure champers cool down effectively, the studio does not provide any shower facilities. We recommend CHAMPERs to wipe down after class with dry towel after class.

Q: Any lockers provided?

A: We provide lockers for members in CHIMPCHAMP free of charge.

Q: What should I bring for class?

A: When you register, you will receive the email from us telling you what to bring for class, so watch out for our notification mail in your mailbox. You will not go wrong with sports shoes, water bottle, towels. 

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: We require that you cancel the class 24hours before class start so that fellow classmates have time to check themselves in to the class in the face of capacity constraint.

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