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Les Mills DANCE™ is a simple workout that features some of the popular hits and hottest dance moves! Imagine a fun filled and insanely addictive workout with great music and ambience.

Anything goes and everything is encouraged! So come in and bring a playful attitude cause we are set to have lots of fun! Even if you walk in thinking you can’t, you’ll walk out knowing you can!


No dance experience required!





Q: Do you need to be very fit to join LM DANCE™ ?

A: LM DANCE™ is totally beginner friendly. It combines dance and fitness together to help you achieve a healthier and happier you. You do not need to be fit to join the class, you just need to show up and leave it all on the dance floor.

Q: Is LM DANCE™ considered cardio or strength?

A: LM DANCE™ is a dance based cardio workout. For individuals who like to improve strength/endurance, it is recommended to combine Sh'Bam with other strength base programs.

Examples include: Bodypump and POWER Series.

Q: I don't know how to dance?

A: This makes LM DANCE™ definitely suitable for you. Divided into multiple tracks with different music genres and moves in each tracks, the track finishes in maximum 5minutes so you moved to another track. 

It is not dance move intensive which means you can learn the move quickly, and in the event you made some mistakes along the way, no one will judge, smile along like many of us did in our first few classes, and just enjoy.  :) 

Q: So, my first time to LM DANCE™ , what should I take note of or bring?

A: Sports shoes is a must, bring on your "rwaah" and also your towel and water bottle.  

Most importantly, give yourself around 3 classes to feel the power of LM DANCE™ at CHIMPCHAMP FITNESS.


A: We pride ourselves as one of the best studios in Singapore to have your LM DANCE class. Because the founders ourselves are Les Mills certified, we know what quality means.

When you consider this dedication to quality, plus the friendly awesome vibe and being centrally located, there is every reason to give this awesome program a try!!!!

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