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Frequently Asked Questions for ZOOM class:

We are going online! A couple of FAQs and information that will be useful for you:

Q: How do I book my online virtual class?

A: Just book through our teamup application or click <Book> on our website and when you are closer to the class timing, access the zoom class via the same booking platform. (Read How do I set up my zoom account.)

Q: How do I set up my Zoom Account?

A: Sign up for a zoom account at and when you are nearer the time of the class, sign in to your class and get started.  You can also sign in and configure all your settings or test your audio if you would like to.


Q: Do we need to wear shoes in a zoom class since I am working out from home?

A: Yes, if possible. The shoes will help you cushion and absorb the impact of any jumps that you may take in class, so its highly recommended. Should you chose to go shoe-less, feel free to reduce the impact from jumping with heel raise.

Q: What is the experience like of an online class?

A: There is many factors influencing a great online class. Do expect some forms of lag that may happen depending upon the bandwidth. We are subscribed to the highest possible bandwidth and premium accounts for the zoom in order to reduce the possibility of lag. In the unlikely event of this happening, remember to keep your heartrate up by running on the spot (high knees?) or doing some star jumps on the spot. Then, check that you are connected to a stable connection.

There is also a possibility that we get disconnected or you get disconnected. But stay calm, and reconnect yourself or wait for us to reconnect. In both cases, continue running on the spot.

Q: What should I do if I cannot log in last minute?

A: Drop us an email at ya and we will try to help you log on as fast as possible!

Q: I cant hear the music/ the coaches cue. Help!

A: Try to adjust the volume of your devices and see if the sound improves. We also recommend using a earpiece such as airpod to get the best experience possible.


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